Some Common RV Repair Issues

An RV can give your family so many good times. However, if your RV has some repair issues, then sometimes those issues can ruin your good time until you have them fixed. A repair issue with the motor can prevent you from taking a trip or stop you from returning home on time. Repair issues with other parts can lead to a more uncomfortable experience, such as when the air conditioning needs repairs. Sometimes, the repair issues threaten to cause other problems, such as when there is a leaking roof that can lead to water damage inside the RV. This article will go over some of the more common RV issues that require repair so you know what to look for and can hopefully catch issues early on. 

Leaks in the plumbing

Plumbing leaks are one of the more common RV issues. If there is a leak in the plumbing, then it needs to be addressed as soon as you can get it looked at. Some signs there may be a leak in the plumbing include a puddle on the floor, water in a cabinet, water in any storage compartments, or the sound of water dripping. The longer the leak goes unrepaired, the worse it can get and the more damage it can cause. 

Water won't stay in the toilet bowl

Something else that happens quite a bit to RVs is that the toilet bowl won't keep water in it. If you see a bunch of nasty water when you take the cap off the wastewater drain, then it's likely there is a leak in the shut-off valves. This leaking can result in a collection of solids in the tank's bottom, and it can lead to other problems if it's not addressed right away. 

The air conditioner won't work

Another common repair issue for RVs is for the air conditioning to go out. This can make for a very uncomfortable trip if your family is vacationing during the summer to a place with very hot temperatures. In fact, if you are vacationing in a location with triple-digit summers, then the air conditioning going out can be dangerous, and you will need to have it fixed immediately. The AC may start cooling the RV less, or it may make noises. Anything out of the ordinary should be checked out. 


No matter what is wrong with your RV, you should have the issue repaired. The problem will affect you in one way or another, and it's best if you can keep the RV in the best condition possible. Contact a company that offers RV repair services to learn more.