2 Questions To Ask When Trying To Decide If Your Car's Tire Is Repairable

After stopping somewhere and glancing down at one of your car's tires, you may have found that it has started to lose air. Upon examination, you may have discovered that the reason for the loss of air is a small nail or screw.

If you do not want to spend the money to replace the tire, you may be wondering if it can be patched or plugged. If so, ask yourself the questions below when trying to determine whether or not the tire can be repaired.

1.  What Is the Location of the Damage on the Tire?

One question you should ask yourself when trying to decide whether or not your car's damaged tire is repairable has to do with the location of the damage. Is the hole located on the edge of the tread or in the sidewall? Or, is the damage in the middle of the tread?

If the tire has a nail or screw on the tread's edge or in the sidewall, it cannot be repaired. These areas are most vulnerable to damage, and a simple patch or plug will not reinforce the structural integrity of the tire.

However, if the damage is in the middle of the tread, there is a good chance that the tire can be repaired. You would need a professional to inspect the damage to confirm that this is the case.

2.  Has the Tire Ever Been Patched or Plugged in the Past?

Another question to ask yourself when determining the repairability of the tire has to do with its past repair history. Has the tire been patched or plugged in the past?

While it is not ideal to repair a tire that has already been damaged, there are some cases where it may be possible. This is especially true if the damage is on the opposite side of the tire from where the last patch or plug was done. A professional should be consulted to make sure if it would be safe to fix the previously repaired tire. 

If you have determined that you can most likely repair your car's tire instead of replacing it, you should still have a professional take a look at it as well as do the repairs instead of attempting to do it yourself. Someone with experience will be able to determine the full extent of the damage, and they should be able to make any needed repairs correctly. Take your car's tire to an auto shop that offers tire repair services in your area to have them inspect the tire and take the necessary action to fix the damage for you.