Are Dealer Recommended Service Intervals Only For New Cars?

Like most manufacturers, Mercedes-Benz provides a set of dealer-recommended service intervals for their vehicles. Mercedes divides these routine maintenance visits into A-Service and B-Service categories for gasoline cars. You'll alternate between each service every 10,000 miles, which means there's a 20,000-mile gap between each A and B service visit.

If you have a new Mercedes, it's a no-brainer to follow this recommended interval. Bringing your car into a service department allows you to keep it in tip-top shape while maintaining your warranty. But, what should you do if you're out of warranty or just purchased a used Mercedes? This guide will help you understand if the manufacturer's service schedule is right for you.

Why Do You Need Routine Service Visits?

There's more to keeping a car running well than just changing the oil. Modern vehicles are sophisticated machines with complex mechanical components that rely on numerous electronic control systems. Seemingly minor problems can develop rapidly and may quickly become much more expensive repairs than you might expect.

Routine service visits help you avoid these repairs in two ways. First, they ensure that you replace fluids and other maintenance items regularly. While falling a little behind on your oil change schedule might not seem like a significant issue, repeatedly doing so can potentially reduce the lifespan of engine components. These visits ensure you're always on time with these necessary maintenance tasks.

Secondly, routine service visits allow technicians to check your vehicle for signs of trouble. It's often much more cost-effective to repair problems before they become more severe. Since Mercedes parts and labor can be expensive, it's critical not to overlook this advantage if you want to save money on your vehicle repair bills.

What Makes A-Service Visits So Important?

Your A-Service visit includes all the essential maintenance items your Mercedes needs to run smoothly and reliably. In addition to changing your oil and filter, technicians will also check and top up fluids and inspect critical safety items such as your tires and brakes. Skipping this service can mean missing safety issues that can potentially lead to dangerous failures on the road.

Are A-Service Visits Right For Your Car?

Because A-Service maintenance visits cover necessary items such as oil changes, tires, and brakes, they're essential for every Mercedes-Benz. Even if your vehicle has been out of warranty for thousands of miles, scheduling an A-Service visit is still one of the best ways to handle your critical maintenance needs in a single service appointment.

Scheduling an A-Service for a used Mercedes you just purchased is also a good idea. Not only will this take care of any maintenance the previous owner may have deferred, but it'll also allow you to reset your own service schedule. Getting started now with the dealer-recommended service intervals helps ensure your new (to you) Mercedes will remain reliable for many more years.

For more information, reach out to an auto repair shop that offers services like A-Service for Mercedes vehicles.