Are Dealer Recommended Service Intervals Only For New Cars?

Like most manufacturers, Mercedes-Benz provides a set of dealer-recommended service intervals for their vehicles. Mercedes divides these routine maintenance visits into A-Service and B-Service categories for gasoline cars. You'll alternate between each service every 10,000 miles, which means there's a 20,000-mile gap between each A and B service visit. If you have a new Mercedes, it's a no-brainer to follow this recommended interval. Bringing your car into a service department allows you to keep it in tip-top shape while maintaining your warranty. [Read More]

Repairing Your Rvs Problems

It is often the case that a new RV owner will not be prepared to manage the various types of repairs that the vehicle may need over the years. A lack of familiarity with these potential issues can have a major impact on your ability to respond when they arise. Plumbing Issues With The RV Most modern RVs will have a toilet, sink, and other plumbing inside them. These systems can greatly increase your comfort while using the RV to camp and travel. [Read More]

4 Overlooked Preventative Vehicle Maintenance

When it comes to taking care of your vehicle, it is important for you to service your vehicle before it breaks down. Preventative vehicle maintenance is important if you want to get as many miles as possible out of your vehicle. Preventative maintenance is important, as it will save you from expensive repairs and damage. 1. Coolant System Flush  If you want to keep your engine cool and running without overheating, you need to take care of your coolant system. [Read More]

Tips For Diagnosing A Brake Problem That Requires Service

Think that something is wrong with your brakes and are not sure if it requires servicing? Here are some signs to look out for that can help identify a brake problem. Identify Where The Vibrations Are Coming From Pay attention to how the vehicle is shaking when you apply the brakes. You'll typically feel the vibrating more as the brakes get used and become hot, and the area where the vibrating is coming from typically tells you which brakes are having problems. [Read More]