Auto Driveshaft Issues And Repair Steps

The auto driveshaft transmits engine power to the tires. When this part malfunctions, vibrations, rattling or shuddering noises, or difficulty turning may be detected.

The Driveshaft

The driveshaft is an elongated metal tube. While a car is being driven, the driveshaft spins. The driveshaft has a connector on each end of it. The connectors link to the motor and other mechanical parts. As the driveshaft spins it delivers power. A particular vehicle model may have one or more driveshafts. Some vehicles do not have driveshafts.


A perfectly-balanced driveshaft will provide a driver with a smooth ride. When a driveshaft is initially installed, a technician uses equipment to ensure that the driveshaft is balanced. If bushings or other parts of a driveshaft system become worn, vibrations may become evident.

An auto technician may test drive a vehicle, plus visually inspect it during a service appointment. This will help them determine which part of a driveshaft system needs to be repaired. If vibrations are not addressed promptly, further damage to the driveshaft system may become evident. A badly damaged driveshaft system could make it dangerous to drive a vehicle.

Loud Noises

Loud noises that originate from the underside of a vehicle could be indicative of worn driveshaft parts, faulty parts, or inadequate lubrication. Because it won't immediately be known how serious a mechanical issue is, a technician should be consulted soon after loud noises are detected.

If the loud noise is due to scraping metal, an automotive technician may need to lubricate the metal. A more serious problem may require that driveshaft materials are replaced.

Shuddering And Difficulty Turning

Shuddering and difficulty turning can make driving hazardous. These types of problems should be taken seriously. An automotive technician will determine the cause of the operational problems. Then, they will recommend the repair process that should be sought.

A Replacement

If a driveshaft is severely damaged, an automotive technician will need to remove all of the parts of the driveshaft system. First, the technician will disconnect the battery. They will jack up the vehicle. They will use a lift so that they can easily access the underside of the vehicle.

The technician will use a drip pan to collect any lubricant that drips down while the repair process is taking place. Then, tools will be used to remove the driveshaft, bushings, and other parts of the driveshaft system. The new system will be installed and lubricated.

To learn more about driveshaft repairs, contact an auto service in your area.