Auto Glass Repairs That Fix Small Chips Or Large Cracks

If a rock flies up and strikes the driver's window in your car, it could leave a chip or crack. Although the damage may seem minor, you should have an auto glass repair technician take a look. Repairs may fix the problem, but in some cases, glass replacement may be necessary. You always want to stay safe on the road, so you don't want the damaged glass to be a hazard or interfere with your ability to see through the glass. Here's a look at auto glass repair options.

Repairs Are Important Or The Damage Spreads

Even if a chip is small, the repair technician will probably recommend repairing it so it won't send out cracks that spread. Hitting a bump or extreme temperatures could cause the damage to expand. Rain can get in a chip, freeze, and expand and make the damage worse. One of the risks of a damaged driver's window is that your vision will be distorted when you watch for traffic through the side view mirror or out to the side of your car.

The Size And Location Of The Damage Matters

If you want the safest choice for your auto glass repair, you can have the glass replaced. However, in some cases, repairs are suitable. The auto glass repair company will examine the glass and note the size and location of the damage. If the damage is small enough and away from the edges of the glass and out of your line of sight, repairs may be a quicker and less expensive means of repair.

Repairs Involve Filling The Chip

A chip or crack can be filled with transparent filler to keep the damage from spreading and to keep the rain out. The filled area is then polished so the surface is smooth. The repaired chip may still be slightly visible, but it is no longer a hazard that can suddenly spread. Auto glass repairs like this are considered permanent, so you shouldn't have to worry about the crack or chip again.

Replacing The Glass Requires More Work

If the damage on your window is too big or deep to be repaired with a filler, the glass has to be replaced. This entails taking the inside panel off of the door along with the vapor barrier that covers the internal parts of the door. The weather seal may also need to be removed. The damaged glass is pulled out of the frame and the new one is inserted so it is secure. The weather seal is replaced and the door is put back together.  

For more info about windshield repair, contact a local company.