What to Do About a Cracked Subframe on an E46

Do you drive a BMW E46? If so, you need to be aware of the dangers of a cracked subframe. Many drivers who operate the E46 have found that a cracked subframe is a common flaw for the particular model. You won't be able to detect any noticeable changes until the subframe damage is severe, so it's always wise to have your mechanic check the condition of the subframe on your E46 each time you take the vehicle in for servicing.

What is a Subframe Crack?

The rear suspension system on most BMW models (including the E46) bolts together to form a single unit. This unit is them connected to the frame of the car using bushings. The metal surrounding the contact points between bushings and the frame of a vehicle can begin to crack or deteriorate over time. These cracks are referred to as cracks in the subframe.

A serious crack has the potential to compromise your vehicle's suspension system and cause catastrophic damage to the frame of your vehicle. It's important to identify cracks early and take action to repair them before this catastrophic damage can occur.

How is a Subframe Crack Repaired?

An experienced auto body technician can repair minor cracks in a vehicle's subframe with ease. Many cracks occur because the metal contact points between the bushings and a vehicle's frame is too thin. As the rear suspension system is pushed to its limits through routine driving, the metal begins to crack.

The first step in the repair process is to weld the crack itself. This will help to prevent the crack from becoming worse over time. Once the crack has been welded, a thicker piece of metal is then welded over the top of the contact point. The bushings are mounted to the reinforced metal, giving the rear suspension system the stability it needs to remain intact.

Since cracked subframes are a recognized and common issue among BMW's E46 model, your mechanic probably already knows about the issue. You can work together to monitor the condition of your vehicle's rear suspension system to ensure that your daily driving habits are not placing too much strain on the thin metal contact points.

If you want to guarantee that your subframe will be protected, you can opt to have the contact points reinforced with a thick metal sheet before any cracks appear. This proactive approach can help reduce the cost of repairs by eliminating the potential for further frame damage. Learn more about taking care of your car by talking to BMW auto repair services.