Can't Afford A Tow And Your Windshield Is Broken? How To Get Your Car Safely To A Shop

You are flying down the road, making great time on the highway, when Whonk! Crack! something hits your windshield and cracks it. Maybe it was a bird. Maybe it was a rock from the road or a stone that bounced out of the dump truck ahead of you. Maybe it was a hailstone the size of a golf ball (or larger!). If this has happened to you, and now you are trying to see through a split windshield, you will need to get to an auto glass repair shop as soon as you can. The safest way is to pull over and call for a tow, but if you cannot afford a tow, here are some tips to help you get your car to an auto glass shop safely. 

Drive Much Slower Than You Normally Would

The pressure of wind on your windshield is only sustainable when your windshield is whole. When your windshield is badly damaged, that wind pressure might make your situation worse, or worse, the glass might give way entirely and throw bits into your face! It is important to get off the highway just as soon as you are able, and then drive as slowly as you can without causing an accident. 

Drive Where There Are Not a Lot of Cars

If you can take back streets to the glass repair shop, that is best. There are far fewer cars to worry about, and fewer people flying by you trying to point out to you that your windshield is damaged (as if you did not know!). Driving where there are fewer cars on back streets means that you can be more careful and take more time driving slower without irritating other drivers, too. 

Consider a Mobile Glass Service If the Glass Looks Like It Will Give Way

Finally, if the glass looks like it will not make it all the way to the shop, and that it is about to give way, pull over to the side of whatever road you are on. Find a mobile glass service instead. This auto service provider brings the windshield to you when it is no longer feasible to bring the car to them. 

Call Ahead to Let the Shop Know You Are Coming

When you call the shop to let them know what happened to your car and that you will be driving the vehicle to them, they can watch for you and know what to expect. Then they can prepare for your arrival by finding the replacement windshield in their inventory. They can also fill out a form for you that you will only need to sign when you arrive to have the windshield repaired/replaced. For more information, reach out to an auto glass repair shop.