About To Hit 100,000 Miles? 3 Auto Repairs To Look Out For

Auto repair is something that every car or truck owner should be prepared for. It's a given part of owning a vehicle. At some point or another, repairs will be needed. Auto repair also becomes more likely the longer it's been driven. The average age of vehicles on the road is now 11.6 years. This means that more drivers than ever are hitting that 100,000 mile mark and beyond. Here are three auto repairs to look out for after a car hits 100,000 miles. [Read More]

What You Should Know About Your Car's CV Boot

CV boots are one of those car parts that for most people remain shrouded in mystery. Yet this component, as well as the problems that are likely to beset it, are actually fairly easy to understand. If your mechanic has recently mentioned that your CV boot is in need or repair, read on. This article will help you understand just what they're talking about. The Role Of The CV Boot [Read More]

Your New Car: Relearning How To Drive On Ice

When you put your foot on the brakes, you expect that the car will respond as expected and that your car will be brought to a halt. However, when you are driving during the winter, brakes can respond in an unpredictable manner and you will need to be prepared, especially after you have bought a new car. Practice Driving On Ice It is important to drive more slowly when driving during the winter, but it is even more important when you have a new vehicle. [Read More]

Visit Your Local Auto Shop For These Tasks Before Your Next Nighttime Drive

If you're planning a trip this summer that involves a considerable amount of driving — perhaps even alternating with another driver and spending all night on the road — you want to be sure that your vehicle is up to the challenge. While it's a good idea to schedule a routine checkup at your local auto shop before you leave to make sure that your fluids are topped up and that your tires and breaks are in good shape, you should also make an appointment to address these issues that are common for many drivers. [Read More]