Common Reasons Why A Transmission Struggles To Shift Gears

When operating your vehicle, you become used to the idea of your transmission operating as it should. You never expect the transmission to struggle to shift gears. This can be alarming because you might need to put your car in park but you now have no way to stop your vehicle. However, once you are able to identify what is causing problems, you may be able to fix your transmission. [Read More]

What Are The Components Of A Vehicle's Brake System?

Knowing how to discuss auto brake service issues with a technician can ease your mind about the maintenance and repair processes. If you want to know how to talk to a brake services provider, you can start by learning about the components. Drivers should understand these three sets of parts in their cars' braking systems. Pads, Discs, and Drums  Most vehicles use disc or drum brakes. This is the part of the braking system that causes the stopping action when you hit the pedal. [Read More]

3 Suspension Upgrades To Consider For A Smoother Ride

When it comes to cars, many people are looking for ways to make them faster, handle better, and look cooler. While there are a lot of different mods and upgrades you can do to your car, suspension work is one area that often gets overlooked. This article takes a look at three suspension upgrades you should consider for your car. Lowering the Springs Lowering your car's springs is one of the easiest and most cost-effective suspension upgrades you can do. [Read More]

Top Things You Might Not Know About Selling Your Car To A Junk Car Buyer

If you have an old car that you aren't using anymore and that you would like to get rid of, you might have looked into the option of using a junk car buyer. You might have heard of these services, and you might assume that they are good to work with when you're trying to get rid of a junk car, but you might not know much about them. Some of the things that you might have never known about selling a vehicle to a cash for junk car buyer can be found below. [Read More]