Here's Why You Should Have Your Cracked Windshield Replaced Now

That little crack in your windshield might not affect your vision when you drive, so it might be tempting to just overlook it and forget about replacing the windshield. But there are many good reasons not to delay having your cracked windshield repaired. Here are a few notable reasons that shouldn't be overlooked: Avoid Further Damage One great reason not to wait to replace your cracked windshield is to avoid further damage from developing as time goes on. [Read More]

Prep The Car For Winter: Five Detailing Recommendations

If your area experiences deep freezes in the winter months, icy, snowy roads are familiar to you. Still, as you prepare for winter with your wardrobe, you might not ever prep the car in the same way; it's possible that you don't even realize what's possible to protect the vehicle from winter conditions. What winter car preparations and precautions should be addressed? Dressing the Tires Your tires have the most contact with winter roads. [Read More]

2 Telltale Behaviors Indicating That Your Car's Alternator Is Going Bad

If your car's electrical system seems to be going haywire, you may wonder whether the problem is being caused by a near-dead battery or a failing alternator. If so, look for the following telltale signs the issue is caused by your alternator.  1.  Interior Electronics Have Stopped Working Properly One of the first things you may notice when you have a failing alternator is when your interior electronics have stopped working properly while your car is running. [Read More]

Helpful Hints For The Best Transmission Repair

Your automobile care is not complete until and unless you look after the transmission. Your transmission, be it automatic or manual, is an essential driving force for your car. After all, it is the part that allows your car to shift gears whenever you speed up or slow down. You'll get the best out of your transmission when you learn some foundational ways to repair and maintain this part. With this in your mind, consider the following strategies for always getting the key service that will allow your car to thrive through great transmission care. [Read More]