The Basics Of Catalytic Converter Repairs

Most vehicles today have a catalytic converter. This part is a key component of a vehicle's exhaust system and is necessary for fuel efficiency. However, a catalytic converter might become plugged or worn out. When this occurs, you'll need repairs. Here is a basic guide to help you understand several vital things about catalytic converters and the repairs they might need.

The purpose of a catalytic converter

First, it's helpful to understand why vehicles have catalytic converters. In other words, what is the purpose of this part? A catalytic converter is part of the emission system in vehicles. Its main job is to clean the pollution a car makes by operating. The catalytic converter removes the toxins, including nitrogen and carbon dioxide, before the air leaves a car's muffler. A secondary purpose of this part is to control your car's fuel efficiency.

If your location requires emissions testing, you might fail the test if your vehicle's catalytic converter isn't working properly. A bad converter can cause higher emissions from a car, causing you to fail the test.

Signs of a bad catalytic converter

Next, you'll need to know the signs of a bad catalytic converter. First, your "check engine" light might come on when your catalytic converter is bad. You can find out if this is the problem by getting diagnostic testing, which tells you why the "check engine" light is on.

You might also notice that your vehicle is using more fuel than usual. Bad catalytic converters lead to poor fuel efficiency. Additionally, you might lose engine power while driving. You might also experience trouble starting your car if you have a bad catalytic converter.

Repairs you might need

When you diagnose the problem as your catalytic converter, an auto repair shop might recommend a few options for fixing it. First, they might suggest cleaning the part. In some cases, they can clean catalytic converters to unclog them. This option is more affordable than the other option. The other option is replacing the part. If cleaning it doesn't fix the problem, the auto repair shop will suggest replacing it.

Get the repairs you need

Does your car have catalytic converter problems? If so, you'll need an auto repair shop's help. You can schedule an appointment to have a mechanic look at it. Then, they can give you a quote for repairing it. Contact a local auto repair shop to learn more about your options.