3 Suspension Upgrades To Consider For A Smoother Ride

When it comes to cars, many people are looking for ways to make them faster, handle better, and look cooler. While there are a lot of different mods and upgrades you can do to your car, suspension work is one area that often gets overlooked.

This article takes a look at three suspension upgrades you should consider for your car.

Lowering the Springs

Lowering your car's springs is one of the easiest and most cost-effective suspension upgrades you can do. The springs control the height of your car. If you lower them, you essentially lower your car's center of gravity. A lower center of gravity means greater stability and improved handling. This can allow for better cornering and quicker acceleration. The car is closer to the ground and thus has less resistance.

Lowering springs is also great for giving your car a sportier look and improved aerodynamics. Just be sure not to lower it too much, as this can cause the car to scrape on speedbumps. Also, you'll need to make sure your suspension can handle the weight of your car once it's been lowered. Some suspension parts may need to be upgraded if you lower the springs too much.

Adjustable Shocks

Adjustable shocks are a great way to improve the handling of your car. Shocks control the movement of your car's suspension and dampen bumps in the road. Adjusting them allows you to fine-tune the suspension to better handle different road conditions.

For example, if your car feels too bouncy on smooth roads, you can tighten up the shocks to provide a firmer ride. On the other hand, if your car feels too stiff on bumpy roads, you can loosen the shocks to provide more cushion. The looser they are, the more comfortable the ride.

Adjustable shocks also come in handy for track days when you'll need to adjust your suspension for different track conditions. They're also great for autocross, as they allow you to quickly adjust your suspension on the fly. Some people also use adjustable shocks for drag racing, which can help you launch your car more consistently and accurately.


Coilovers are a great way to take your suspension setup to the next level. Instead of using two separate pieces (springs and shocks), coilovers replace the two with one unit. This gives you more control over your suspension setup and allows for greater tuning capabilities.

For example, you can adjust both the height and the stiffness of your springs with a single turn of a knob. You can also use different spring rates to fine-tune your handling. Coilovers also give you more range when it comes to adjusting the ride height of your car.

Coilovers are more expensive than springs and shocks but can provide a more refined ride. Just have an experienced suspension expert install them to ensure proper fit and performance.

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