4 Common Types Of Auto Body Repair

If you're in need of auto body repair, it's important to know the different types of repairs that are available. There are four common types of auto body repair: collision repair, rust repair, paintless dent removal, and auto glass replacement. Continue reading for information about each type so you can choose the best option for your car body repair.

1) Collision repair

Collision repair is performed when your car has been in an accident and there is damage to the body of the vehicle. This type of repair can be more expensive than other exterior repairs, but it is important to have it done if there is significant damage to your car.

If your damage is the result of an automobile accident, you may have collision coverage through your insurance provider. This can help make auto body repair a budget-friendly expense.

2) Rust repair

Rust repair is another common type of auto body repair. Rust can occur on any metal surface, but it is common on cars. Rust can cause your car to look old and damaged, and it can also lead to further damage to the body of your car if left untreated. When performing auto body repair, rust removal is an important step to take.

If you have a small amount of rust, you may be able to remove it yourself with a rust removal kit. However, if the rust is extensive, it's best to take your car to a car body repair specialist.

3) Paintless dent removal

Paintless dent removal is a type of auto body repair that is used to remove small dents from the body of your car. This process is often used for hail damage, door dings, and other smaller dents. Paintless dent removal is a budget-friendly option for auto body repair, and it can often be done in a matter of hours.

If you have a minor dent in your car, you might be able to fix it yourself with a repair kit. However, you should take your car in for auto body repair if you have major damage from dents or dings.

4) Auto glass replacement

Auto glass replacement is necessary when the windshield or other windows in your car are cracked or broken. Replacing your auto glass should be done by a professional, and it is usually an affordable repair. Also, the process is often quick and can be completed in just a couple of hours if the shop is not busy.

No matter what type of auto body repair you need, it's important to choose a reputable, experienced mechanic. Speak to a car body repair specialist for more details on how you can fix your vehicle's exterior damage.