Maintaining The Diesel Engine In Your Truck To Ensure The Best Performance From It

If you own a diesel truck with a Cummins 6.7 performance engine in it, you know that these engines can put out more torque than you will need for everyday use. This makes the truck and engine combination great for work and play, but maintaining the engine is critical if you want to keep it running right and ready for action when you need it. 

Basic Maintenance 

Like any engine, the Cummins 6.7 performance engine needs some basic care and maintenance to keep it running dependably. The engine oil and filter need to be changed every fifteen thousand miles, but just changing the oil is not enough. The fuel filters on the chassis and the engine need to be charged at the same interval. 

Diesel fuel is thick and often has more contamination than gasoline, so filtering it before it is injected into the engine is critical. Double filtering is the best way to ensure that most of the dirt and debris is out of the fuel but only works if the filters are changed on time. A dirty fuel filter will not clean the fuel and could contribute to debris getting into the engine and doing damage, so don't neglect these filters. 

Around thirty thousand miles or every other oil change, the air filter needs to be replaced in your truck. The air filter is a critical part of any diesel engine, but the Cummins 6.7 performance engine uses a lot of air to create the power and torque you need. If your air filter is a reusable style, you should check it regularly and blow it out with some compressed air to keep it clean and allow plenty of air to flow into the engine.

Injection Systems

Diesel engines use an injector pump and port injection that sprays the fuel directly into the cylinders. The air flows in and mixes with the fuel, and the mix needs to be precise so that the engine can use it to make power. 

Regular maintenance of the injector pump and injectors is not typically required on the Cummins 6.7 performance engine, but the tech working on your truck will check it out if the truck is not running correctly. If the pump is not working correctly, it can cause a loss of power and drivability issues. 

Keep It Clean

It is essential that you keep the engine compartment, the radiator, and the engine itself clean in your truck. Oil and other debris that builds up on the engine can make it hard to work on and can cause it to run warmer than it should.

A radiator clogged with dirt will not allow air to flow properly and can also cause higher operating temperatures. If you have an automatic transmission in your truck, you should also spray down the oil cooler for the transmission to ensure it is performing at its peak as well.