Inheriting An Old Car: What Can You Do To Maintain It?

If you inherited a very old car that's in relatively excellent condition, you might not be too concerned about having it maintained right now. Although not all old cars have problems, some vehicles might have some issues you need to worry about. The following car care tips can help keep your old car running and looking great for as long as you need it. 

Get the Transmission and Engine Checked

When cars reach a certain mileage, they require specific types of maintenance to stay running. If your vehicle was built 20 or more years ago, you want to have the engine, transmission, and other critical parts checked by an auto service provider today. Even if your vehicle's engine sounds good or has less than 200,000 miles on it, it could still have a few minor issues to fix.

An auto technician can complete diagnostic tests on your car. If the diagnostic exam checks out fine, a technician may change your car's oil, transmission fluid, coolant, and brake fluid to ensure that it runs properly. If your vehicle has issues with the radiator, transmission, or engine, an auto service may recommend repairs. If your vehicle still holds value because of it's make and model, it may be a good idea that you allow an mechanic to repair it.

Once you ensure that your vehicle runs fine, consider getting it detailed.

Detail the Exterior and Interior

The exterior of your inherited car is just as important as the inside of it. The exterior is exposed to all kinds of weather over time, including rain and heat. The salt from ocean or sea water can also rust or damage your car's exterior. If you live in an area near the water or prone to heat, having your vehicle properly detailed can help protect it.

A car care technician can wash, dry, and wax your car for you. A technician may also clean the wheels and tires. Some technicians use car care products that come with protective ingredients. The ingredients help prevent, manage, or control issues that damage auto paint, such as bird droppings and dirt.

You may also consider having the interior of your car cleaned and properly maintained, including the dashboard and seats. These areas of the car can peel, fade, or tear if over time. You want to maintain the interior as much as possible to avoid damage.

If you need help with your old car, contact an auto service provider such as Action  Transmission, for advice and help with your car care needs.