Car Repair You Can Trust From An AAA Certified Auto Repair Provider

When it comes to repairing your auto, it's import to find a car repair services that you can trust. If you are far from home and nowhere near your local garage, you can still find a trustworthy shop when you go with AAA certified repair services. In order to become certified, the shop must meet the stringent standards set by AAA so that drivers all over can find a garage no matter where the breakdown occurs. The program was created in 1975 by AAA as a response to the growing complaints from consumers that they struggled to find a quality repair shop in their time of need. Since that time, more than 8,000 garages have become AAA certified, providing quality repair services for drivers everywhere.

Each Facility Is Inspected Every Year

In order to remain AAA certified for auto repair, the facility must undergo an inspection every year. This provides drivers with the peace of mind they need, knowing that the shop they bring their vehicle to is closely monitored. Staff are trained and are ready to handle both simple and complex car repair needs. 

AAA Certified Auto Repair Services are Exceptional

While many shops apply to become certified by AAA, only 2% of the shops within the United States are certified repair facilities at this time. The goal is to give you assurance that you are going to a shop that is going to meet all of the exceptional standards you come to expect from AAA, whether you are a member or not. You will know that your vehicle is being taken care of by a true professional when you work with a certified shop for car repairs.

Why Shops Decide to Become Certified

All AAA certified shops must be in business for one year before being considered for certification. Once accepted into the program, certified shops are the first ones called when a member needs help with a tow or is stuck on the side of the road. Shops get the benefit of having their business promoted by AAA in emails and other communications. Shops that are certified see an increase in business, as their reputation is strengthened because of the certification process.

The AAA certification program arose after consumers couldn't find reputable shops while on vacation or otherwise traveling. The program gives drivers an easy way to find a trustworthy car repair shop, no matter where they are at the moment. For more information, talk to AAA certified auto repair services in your area.