3 Things On Your Truck You Should Regularly Inspect In Hotter Weather

Warmer temperatures are here, and the hotter weather can make it a challenge to keep your semi running smoothly. If you are an over the road truck driver, or you put a lot of miles on throughout the day, it won't always be convenient to get to a semi repair shop. For this reason, you should always inspect your semi-truck before your next run.

Here are three things on your truck that you should inspect on a regular basis in hotter weather.


Did you know that on hot summer days, the pavement can reach temperatures of up to 145 degrees? This heat can take a roll on your truck tires. When inspecting all of the tires on your truck, you will want to make sure that each of them are properly inflated. If they are underinflated, you are setting your tires up for failure.

If just one of your tires fails, it could cause an accident, and it will certainly slow you down. If you are inspecting your tires and they are hot to the touch, you should let them cool down before starting out again. If you don't allow them to cool, your tires could actually catch on fire.

Engine Coolant

The warmer the weather, the higher your chances of having an engine that gets overheated. Engine coolant can help to prevent this, but it is still something you'll need to keep an eye on. Always make sure you have adequate amount of water and engine coolant.

Also, while you're driving down the road, be sure to periodically check the temperature gauge. If the gauge goes above normal, you may want to pull over and wait for your engine to cool down. If you do need to add engine coolant, make sure the engine has cooled enough before taking off the radiator cap.

Air Conditioning

It's no fun to be stuck in the cab of a semi-truck for long periods of time when it's hot outside without air conditioning. If your air conditioning doesn't seem to be working properly, you should check for refrigerant leaks and make sure the condenser is free of debris. You should also examine the filters and hose fittings. A sure sign that you have to replace the blower motor of your air conditioning system is if you hear noise coming from it.

If you notice anything wrong with your tires, your engine is overheating for unknown reasons, or your air conditioning isn't working properly, be sure to go to a semi repair shop as soon as you can for more info.