Visit Your Local Auto Shop For These Tasks Before Your Next Nighttime Drive

If you're planning a trip this summer that involves a considerable amount of driving — perhaps even alternating with another driver and spending all night on the road — you want to be sure that your vehicle is up to the challenge. While it's a good idea to schedule a routine checkup at your local auto shop before you leave to make sure that your fluids are topped up and that your tires and breaks are in good shape, you should also make an appointment to address these issues that are common for many drivers. Having a licensed mechanic make these simple improvements will increase your likelihood of staying safe on the road at night.

Aiming Your Headlights

Over time, and especially if you've been in a minor fender bender, your vehicle's headlights can get knocked out of alignment. (One way to notice this issue is if people flick their high beams at you at night, even when your low beams are on — this is likely because one of your headlights is aimed too high.) When your headlights aren't aimed correctly, your ability to clearly see the road can be compromised. For example, one of the lights could be aimed too low, which limits your ability to see what's ahead of you. Your mechanic will use a special headlight aiming machine to ensure that the beams are aimed where they should be.

Replacing Dead Fuses

If you've noticed that some of the lights on your dashboard display panel no longer light up, it might not be something that concerns you during daytime driving. When you're on the road at night, however, a burnt-out light on the dashboard will entirely prevent you from seeing what you're supposed to see. Whether it's an indicator that a tire is running flat or something else of this nature, it's important for all the lights to be lit up. Your mechanic will open the vehicle's fuse box, find the dead fuse and replace it for you.

Removing Headlight Cover Scratches

On older vehicles, the clear covers over your headlight can get scratches and take on a foggy appearance. This prevents the headlights from doing their full job, which can compromise your ability to see at night. In most cases, the headlight covers won't have to be replaced; instead, your auto care professional can use a special buffing machine to remove imperfections in the plastic and restore their clarity to allow you to see with greater ease.

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