3 Things To Know About The Law Before Tinting Your Windows In Oregon

If you live in the state of Oregon, and are thinking about getting your windows tinted this summer, you need to make sure that you understand all the laws surrounding window tinting in Oregon.

#1 You Can Only Tint Part Of The Front Windshield

The state of Oregon does not allow you to tint your entire front windshield. You are only allowed to apply non-reflective tint on the top of your windshield. The non-reflective tint cannot exceed more than six inches from the top of your windshield. Essentially, you are allowed to put a shade strip across your windshield, but you are not allowed to tint your entire windshield.

#2 All Other Windows Are Fair Game

Unlike many other states, Oregon allows you to tint your front side windows as well as your back side windows and rear window. Many states also restrict how much of your front side window you can tint, similar to the rules Oregon has about your front windshield; luckily in Oregon the front side windows are fair game.

#3 Tint Has To Meet Certain Requirements

Although you are allowed to tint your front and back side windows as well as your rear window in Oregon, the tint that you apply has to meet certain requirements. The Visible Light Transmission percentage, also known as the VLT%, must allow at least 35% of light into your vehicle. The VLT% cannot be below 35%. This percentage measures how much visible light is able to make it through both your window and your window film.

Additionally, the tint must meet reflective requirements. Your window tint cannot reflect more than 13% of visible light rays.

#5 Some Colors Are Off Limits

There are certain tint colors that Oregon does not allow to be applied to your vehicle. The colors amber, green and red are all prohibited by state law. If you don't want to go with the regular black or grey tint, you could try some green or yellow tint instead, but stay away from amber, green and red tint film. 

#4 You Have To Carry Film Certification Letter With You

When you have your windows tinted in Oregon, the establishment that performs the work is required to provide you with a letter that certifies that your film meets Oregon's VLT% and reflective requirements. You must carry this letter with you in your vehicle, and provide it if you are ever pulled over and questioned by the police. 

Before you tint your windows in Oregon, make sure that your tint job will meet all the legal requirements. And if your tinted windows get a crack, be sure to contact a local auto glass repair shop.