Three Reasons Why Your Car's Heating System Is Failing

Although we are well into winter, the reality is that winter isn't over yet. Snow, high winds and frigid cold temperatures are still hanging around. If your car's heating system isn't functioning correctly, this can be troublesome not just to your comfort, but also the well-being of your vehicle. If you're experiencing issues, here are just some of the potential factors.

Coolant Contamination

Although often associated with cooling systems, coolant plays a large role in the operation of the heater. In some instances, rust and other particles make their way into the coolant line, contaminating it. When this happens, the particles create a blockage that doesn't allow the heating core to transfer the warmed air throughout your vehicle correctly.

This scenario is sometimes the case when heat is being produced, but is simply not being circulated. In addition to inhibiting heat flow, contaminated coolant can also cause problems within your engine, so prompt attention is highly suggested.

Thermostat Failure

Thermostats play a critical role in several areas, including the heating system. A common issue is a thermostat that remains in the open position. A thermostat stuck in the open position increases the length of time it normally takes for the engine to warm up.

With an overcooled engine, when you turn on the heat it will literally feel like you have the air conditioner on and no matter how long you wait, the air won't warm up. This problem won't just leave you cold, thermostat failure that keeps the engine cool will increase engine wear and tear and reduce fuel consumption efficiency.

Blower Fan Malfunction

A malfunctioning blower can issues with the manner in which the heating system operates. Similar to contaminated coolant, this problem doesn't necessarily mean your vehicle isn't producing heat, it rather means there's an issue with delivering the heat to the cabin.

The role of the fan is to blow air over the heating fins, where it is then passed through the vents and into the cabin. If the fan isn't working correctly, it will either fail to move any air or it will be delivery more of a trick-like flow. If your vehicle seems to be outputting heat at a lower rate, this could be the issue.

The above represent just a handful of the scenarios that could be causing heating issues. Getting to the source of the problem may require the help of a company that specializes in auto repair services.