4 Tips For Making The Transmission In Your Vehicle Last Longer

When it comes to automobiles, all parts play a role, but it can be argued that the engine and the transmission are two of the most important auto parts. In addition to playing very important roles in keeping a vehicle running properly, the engine and transmission can also be quite expensive to repair. In basic terms, the transmission is responsible for transmitting energy to the drive train and also allowing the car to shift gears. If you're a vehicle owner who wants to extend the life of your car's transmission and avoid the high cost of having to replace the part, use the following tips:

Schedule regular Transmission Services

Most drivers know that a vehicle needs regular oil changes, but since transmission services are not needed as frequently it is not uncommon for people to forget to have this service performed. Transmission services are vital to keeping a transmission in good repair--during the service, the transmission filter is replaced and the transmission fluid is either topped off or flushed and refilled. Transmission services are needed when a vehicle reaches certain mileage points, but the exact number can vary from vehicle to vehicle, so check your car's owners manual to find out exactly when you need to schedule transmission services.

Pay Attention to How Your Transmission is Running

Not every transmission issue results in having to get a new transmission, but the sooner a problem is addressed the more likely it will only need to be repaired. Common signs of transmission issues include difficulty shifting gears, buckling or shaking while shifting gears, or a transmission slipping while the vehicle is in operation. These issues should never be ignored--visit a auto repair shop as soon as possible if you notice any problems with your vehicle's transmission.

Never Ignore Leaks

A transmission is a closed auto part, and it is designed to not leak transmission fluid. If you notice a red fluid leaking on your driveway when your car is parked, your car has developed a transmission leak. A vehicle must maintain a certain level of transmission fluid for the part to work properly--if your car is leaking transmission fluid and you do nothing about it, you run the risk of damaging your transmission beyond repair.

Maintain Your Cooling System

Your car's cooling system also plays an essential part in keeping your transmission running well. If your cooling system is not properly maintained, the transmission can overheat and sustain serious damage. Make sure you closely follow the maintenance schedule in your car's owners manual and have your cooling system regularly serviced.

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