About A Semi-Trailer Truck That Jerks When It Is Driven

Driving a semi-trailer truck that jerks every now and then when you are in heavy traffic can lead to a bad collision. If you continue driving the truck without getting it examined to find out what the problem is, you might end up without the ability to use it at all if the transmission is bad. Below, discover things you should know about a semi-trailer truck with a transmission problem and how much you should expect to spend on repairs.

What Leads to a Jerking Semi-Trailer Truck?

A semi-trailer truck begins to jerk when there is something that is preventing the transmission from functioning as it is designed to do. Transmission fluid is vital to how well a transmission works, so it is probable that either your truck is low on it, or that the fluid is contaminated. Your truck must have good transmission fluid that is in a sufficient amount to help with sending power from the engine to the transmission. If there are any debris like dirt or metal shavings from engine parts rubbing together in the transmission fluid, your engine may not function right (which can cause transmission problems).

What Happens When a Truck is Driven with a Jerk?

You will still be able to drive your semi-trailer with a jerk, but the problem will eventually lead to it not being able to move. For instance, the truck will go from having only a jerk to not being able to be driven in some directions. One of the common directional problems when a transmission is going out is the inability to drive backwards, which poses a problem when parking. Your truck will also begin to jerk more often and intensely if you don't get the transmission repaired soon enough.

What Price Should Be Expected for a Transmission Repair?

If your semi-trailer truck is jerking due to a low level or contaminated transmission fluid, you may only need to pay to get it flushed. A transmission fluid flush should cost at least $75 or more depending on vehicle type and whether a pressurized machine is used or not. If the mechanic determines that your semi-trailer truck is in need of a replacement transmission, you are looking to spend $200 or more for a used one. A rebuilt transmission is estimated at $1,000 or more. Find out what is causing your truck to jerk and get it repaired before it stops running altogether. Contact a local mechanic, like Color Country Diesel Inc, for more information.