3 Must-Do's Before Turning That Used Car Over To Your New Teen Driver

If you're like most parents, you have some concerns about your teen's safety now that they are licensed and ready to get behind the wheel alone. You don't have to sit idly by and cross your fingers for a safe journey when your teen is on the road – here are a few things you can do that will help ensure your teen's safety before handing over the keys to that used car:

Have the Brakes Serviced

The brake system is prone to regular wear and tear, which can make them vulnerable to malfunctions, or even a failure of the system altogether. A proper braking system is essential for optimal control over a variety of driving environments and situations, especially for teens who are new to driving. So before your teen gets behind the wheel of their "new" used car, take it in to have it professionally serviced through a company like Alignment Center for:

  • Lining Wear
  • Hose Performance
  • Warning Lights
  • Fluid Levels

The more you and your teen know about the condition and performance of the vehicle's brakes upfront, the easier it will be to maintain them long term.

Implement a GPS Tracking System

Implementing a GPS tracking system in the vehicle before your teen starts driving it will ensure that you know exactly where they are if an emergency arises while they are behind the wheel. Knowing exactly where to send emergency responders will dramatically cut down on response times, and enable you to get to the emergency scene without having to track down directions. GPS tracking systems are easy to install and offer a variety of non-emergency benefits once installed, such as an opportunity for your teen to prove their trustworthiness and responsible decision-making skills while driving.

Install an Electronic Timer

If your teen is like most, you've probably heard many excuses as to why they couldn't call home at an agreed upon time while they were out of the house in the past. Because of the inherent dangers to new drivers, it's more important than ever to ensure that your teen checks in with you on time while they're out driving to maintain some peace of mind while you're waiting for them to get home. 

But don't rely on your teen to remember to call home on their own or to set a timer on their smartphone for the occasion, as you may be setting yourself up for some excuses. Instead, install a simple electronic timer on the dash of the vehicle that you can set yourself and that will provide a simple reminder to your teen when it's time to pull over and call home. The timer will help instill good habits about keeping you in the loop while they're on the road as time goes on, too.

With the help of these considerations, your teen will be ready to safely brave the roads on their own, and you'll feel good about knowing that you have taken effective steps to help protect them.