3 Ways to Keep Your Imported Car in Great Condition (And Save Money Too)

German car brands such as Audi and Volkswagen are widely seen in the United States as manufacturers of reliable vehicles, but like any product, imported cars occasionally need to be repaired. What makes these repairs different is that the root causes of faulty mechanical issues in imported cars are often fairly unique, and thus require special servicing at specific dealerships and repair shops. So take a look below at three ways to keep your imported car in near perfect condition, even in the instances when it needs to be fixed.

TDI Specific Repairs

Many vehicles manufactured by the Volkswagen Group include a Turbocharged Direct Injection (TDI) system. Although this system is renowned for providing superior fuel economy, any benefits it might offer are rendered useless if it is serviced with regular diesel parts. When it comes time to replace diesel fuel filters, injectors, and pumps, make sure that the mechanic is using components that are not only compatible with the TDI system, but manufactured specifically for it.

Replacing Strut Mounts

Many imported cars are crafted with such careful attention to detail and quality that they very rarely need major structural replacements, even after several years of heavy driving. That said, it may be the case that you hear clunking noises when driving over bumps, over notice an excess amount of vibration in the cabin while driving. These are both symptoms of strut mounts that have been worn out and need replacing - one of the more common repairs required of imported cars. But when taking the car in to be repaired, don't acquiesce to having the entire suspension strut be replaced–it is an extremely expensive fix that is hardly ever necessary. Instead, simply have the strut mounts replaced and enjoy the feeling of driving a car that feels like it just left the lot. 

Diagnosing Transmission Problems

Perhaps the biggest benefit of having your vehicle repaired at a shop specializing in imported vehicles is that they possess the technology and tools necessary to quickly analyze any problems you might be having with your transmission. Taking your imported car to a non-specialty shop often means having to deal with a lot of guesswork from the mechanics, as well as a complete transmission rebuild in the worst case scenarios. This can be a prohibitively costly way of repairing small problems, so it's best to have problems diagnosed through more incisive techniques. For assistance, visit a professional like Euroclassics Limited.