Three Simple Ways to Boost Diesel Engine Power

It is no big secret that a diesel engine burns hotter and provides more horsepower than the gas-fired version, but if your diesel engine is lacking power, there may be a few simple ways to make some adjustments. Even if you are no mechanic, adding a few modifications to give you optimum performance from your diesel powered vehicle could be a possibility with some pretty easy tricks of the trade. 

Diesel Fuel Additives 

Take a stroll through just about any automotive store and you will likely find at least a handful of fuel additives that are designed to give a diesel engine a bit of a boost. These additives work by counteracting the way diesel fuel combusts in the injectors to give the harnessed power just a bit of a push. Now, will an additive get you an extreme amount of power? No, most likely not. However, some additives can help push a sluggish engine to give a little more power. The best choices are those that have ingredients like cetane, which is similar to octane but works with diesel instead of gasoline. The additives help diesel burn cleaner, which will give you a noticeable change right from the get go. 

High-Performance Diesel Injectors

You may have to go to an auto repair specialist to get your hands on these, but if you install high-performance diesel fuel injectors, you will see a noteworthy difference in how much power you have. These specifically-designed injectors have a pattern of release holes that offer up diesel fuel in a format that will provide you with the most combustion. Some diesel drivers will find these injectors difficult to position just right, so bringing in some professional expertise with this modification could be to your benefit. 

Turbo-Charged Exhaust Modifications 

You could slap on a turbo charger and see a bit of a difference, or you could open up your exhaust and see about the same change in horsepower overall. However, if you are looking to get the most power, these two modifications need to happen concurrently. The turbocharger allows more oxygen to flow through combustion chambers of the engine, allowing a cooler temperature than usual to encourage more fire. The exhaust allows out excess heat, but will damper power without enough oxygen to push the heat out of the motor. 

With a little tinkering, and possibly some diesel engine repair expertise, boosting your horsepower could be a lot easier than you think. Talk to a diesel-certified mechanic, like one from JP's Truck Service, for more ideas and information about boosting power.