Hard To Control Vehicle Swerving: What You Should Know About Misaligned Wheels

Are you having problems with your vehicle swerving to the side while you drive? It is important for you to take your vehicle to a mechanic to make sure the wheels are not misaligned, as driving in such a condition can lead to an accident. Below, discover what you should know about misaligned wheels and the cost for a repair.

What Should a Vehicle Owner Know About Misaligned Wheels?

Wheels can become misaligned when they make contact with potholes in the road. Misalignment can also happen from hitting curves and traveling too fast when crossing over speed bumps. The wheels start pointing in the wrong direction, which is why your vehicle swerves to the side. Driving a vehicle with misaligned wheels is dangerous because you can quickly hit another vehicle if you don't keep a steady hold on the steering wheel.

You must also keep in mind that misaligned wheels can cause your tires to wear out faster than they should. The reason is due to how the rubber makes contact with the pavement as you force the wheels to drive straight when they are misaligned. Your tires can blowout when you least expect it if you don't invest in a prompt repair.

A mechanic will have to thoroughly examine how your wheels rotate to determine how they should be adjusted. For instance, he or she will see if the tires are pointed too far to the right or left without help from the steering wheel. Misalignment can also happen when your tires are leaning too close together in comparison to the other tires, such as the front tires being closer together than the back ones.

What is the Average Price for Wheels to Be Aligned?

The price to get your wheels aligned depends on what kind of vehicle you drive. The average price of a two-wheel alignment can cost up to $100, with a four-wheel alignment being in the same price range. However, the price can significantly increase to over $400 if you are getting a foreign vehicle aligned. The reason is due to the mechanic having to use special tools for the task.

No matter how much money you end up spending to get your wheels aligned, it is a vital repair and wise investment. You don't want to cause an accident because your wheels don't function correctly. Contact a mechanic, like those at Buettner Tire & Auto, so he or she can get the alignment work started!