4 Reasons to Buy Rather than Rent an RV

Are you thinking about taking an RV on a long trip? If you're going to be traveling for longer than a few months, it may be better to purchase an RV rather than rent one. Renting an RV can be fairly expensive and you will not be able to modify the RV in any way—additionally, having your own RV can give you more freedom when planning.

1. Purchasing an RV Is Often Less Expensive

An RV, just as with an automobile or home, can be purchased with a loan. RV rentals are very expensive. Purchasing an RV may actually work out to be cheaper in the long run, as you can sell the RV after your trip is over. RVs maintain their value very well; if you purchase a used RV, you will find that a significant amount of value can be recaptured by selling it later on. If you make improvements, you might even be able to flip it for more than you originally purchased it for!

2. You Won't Need to Return It to the Same Lot

If you're traveling one way, you may not want to rent an RV; most RV rentals require that you drive it back to the location you got it from. If you do need to return it to another lot, you will often need to pay a convenience or fuel fee.

3. You Can Modify Your RV 

An RV is more than just a vehicle. If you're traveling in it for a long time, an RV may become like a second home—or even a primary residence. With this in mind, being unable to alter or modify your RV in any permanent way can become quite frustrating. There are many improvements that you can build into an RV to make it more comfortable, provided that you own it. 

4. Buying an RV Is a Long-Term Investment

Are you thinking about taking RV trips frequently? if you buy an RV outright, you have an investment that will last you many decades. As long as an RV is properly maintained, it will last for quite a long time. Renting an RV each time will add up.

There are some situations in which you might not want to turn to an RV dealership. If you only want to rent an RV for a few weeks or if you aren't certain regarding the type of RV you want, renting could be an easier solution. But if you already know you need an RV for a few months, such as a summer vacation, a purchase is likely best. For more information, visit http://www.orangewoodrv.com/.